14 October 2010

Khas Untuk Insan Nok Aku Sayang dan CHENTA

i become weak witout you,
i become vulnarable as i lost da lurv dat could support me,
as long as my eyes are open until my heart stop beating,
dat is how long i can remember you, from you,
i found my life, for me you are my true lurv, if wat is written for me is da best for you,
i'll keep you as da memories of my life,
but it is not easy for me to erase dat tracks dat had carved forever as da most precious memories of my life

2 Luahan Rasa:

Fello Ariza said...

yerdehhh makcik..hahaha

e.r.m.i.e z.e.n.t.i.e said...

Fello Ariza - neygeh ktak ya... dapat juak carik blog kamek... ha5x